CIPFA launches global fraud risk register

CIPFA has launched a new global fraud risk register for the public sector at the World Congress of Accountants in Rome.

The public finance body will now work alongside its international partner organisations to collate the most common fraud risks currently afflicting government and the public sector. The data will then be published in 2015.

Rob Whiteman, CIPFA’s chief executive said: “When fighting fraud, knowledge and understanding of the risks you face give you the power to act to prevent criminal activity and protect your organisation.

“CIPFA is committed to good public financial management across the world and as such are excited to be launching this new tool for the global public sector to contribute to and use.

“This new global fraud risk register will help protect precious public resources from criminals and fraud and will be an asset to all public bodies wherever they are based.”

Further details about the CIPFA counter fraud centre can be unearthed on its website.

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