Taking Stock: Baker Tilly fades to grey with RSM rebrand

TAKING STOCK was delighted to see that Baker Tilly has decided on a new name. Understandably, with lots of other RSM International firms moving to the name ‘RSM’, Baker Tilly has deemed it wise to do the same.

In reality, what else would you do? Being called Baker Tilly while another network exists called Baker Tilly would just be silly [Baker Silly?: Ed.].

On the subject of sensible, TS noted that the rebrand has, with depressing logic, also seen the creation of a new logo.

Now, TS has seen many an accounting practice logo come and go. And the more words needed to explain it, the more it probably costs.

So when you come up with this three-tone beauty, then it’s gonna need a lot of words:

RSM new logo

“The grey of the logo signifies a relationship based on a solid reliable foundation, the green a positive, ideas-driven, responsive approach and the blue symbolises forward movement and the attainment of future goals. The logo reinforces the global network’s dedication to helping clients feel understood and empowered to move forward with confidence,” gushes the press release in a slightly incoherent manner.

Hold on, wait a minute…grey???

Aren’t we trying to get the grey out of the profession? Not introduce more of it? You might as well whack a great big pair of metal-framed glasses on top of the word RSM and say ‘Boring, but Reliable’.

Anyway, I’m sure the brand contract costs a squillion dollars and everybody’s very happy. At least they didn’t try and change their name to Consignia.

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