Web Seminar: A Finance Professional’s Guide to Cloud: The Why, The When, The How

CEOs and boards increasingly look to their senior finance professionals to drive change, direct strategy and inform touch decisions. Today, CFOs have more opportunity than ever to influence the forward direction and success of their organisations. But to do so, finance professionals need to grow a new relationship with their business and it’s the data, to advise and drive decisions that boost the organisation’s value and opportunity.

Join Financial Director and Oracle in this free web seminar to find out how finance departments are adapting to the digital transformation of the finance function and changes in customer behaviour and the way market values are calculated.

Based on a study sponsored by Oracle, a panel debate provides guidance on when, how and why finance departments must find the business rationale for cloud.  As a modern finance professional with a good understanding of the power of technology, you already know it’s not a question of whether cloud is in your future, but when…and how.
Key Topics

Concerns about cloud adoption
When to move to cloud
How to move to cloud
How to succeed in cloud adoption

Learn How To:

Plan the cloud journey
Engage senior stakeholders
Lead the charge of digital transformation
Find the right partner
Plan the right processes
Gain value, visibility and control over your data


David Hobson
Cloud Applications Director
Peter Simons
Technical Specialist, research and development
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
Patrick Fenton
Head of Financial Management
Laurent Lachal
Senior Cloud Analyst
Moderator: Richard Crump,
Financial Director

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