CIMA chief seeks global recognition with US tie-up

CIMA’S TIE-UP with the US accountants intends to promote management accounting globally.

Speaking to Accountancy Age, CIMA chief executive Charles Tilley said that the move to create new designatory letters for experienced CIMA and AICPA members would highlight and differentiate the work undertake by management accountants.

“It’s about a common designation for management accounting. Post the financial crisis people are recognising [its importance],” said Tilley.

The deal also promotes the institutes in areas in which they have little foothold – the US for CIMA and internationally for the AICPA.

The institutes will share resources to provide their members with services to enhance their skillsets, and they will also work together on thought leadership.

Tilley denied that CIMA’s decision to quit the UK institute umbrella body CCAB was influenced by its tie-up with the AICPA. “There is no relationship between the two whatsoever.”

The deal is subject to both institute councils’ agreement, which will take place at the end of May. The institutes will begin working together at the start of 2012 if agreement is reached.

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