Accountants more satisfied than tax experts

Management and chartered accountants have higher job satisfaction than tax
experts, however, these roles pale in comparison to hairdressers, fitness pros
and teachers.

survey by the University of Bath
found that accountants
and management consultants ranked just 29th in UK job satisfaction, while tax
advisers were further down the chart in 42nd place.

Corporate managers and officials were in the top spot, just pipping

Librarians, teachers and fitness experts also had more job satisfaction than
accounting professionals.

But accountants had more satisfaction than those in the legal profession,
salespeople and builders.

Journalists and media professionals ranked 50th.

‘Individual job satisfaction is made up of a range of factors including
material rewards, such as pay and conditions of employment, and symbolic
rewards, such as prestige,’ said professor Michael Rose from the University of
Bath who carried out the research, funded by the Economic & Social Research

‘The most important factor in determining the levels of job satisfaction in
the survey is the managerial skill in creating a sense of involvement.’

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