Hale heads back to Deloitte

Hale, who said in an interview with Accountancy Age earlier this year that he
felt he had not yet achieved his goals at the watchdog, said this week that the
job was done. ‘I’ve done what I came to the FSA to do. There is now an
interesting opportunity to go back into partnership,’ Hale said.

‘My reason for leaving is a combination of a natural period of time to the
effect of my role in the FSA, along with an interesting opportunity which has
come for me to go back to my old firm.’

Hale is going to Deloitte to be on the Financial Services Industry board: ‘My
title will be head of financial services: strategy.

This will involve looking at what CFOs and chief risk officers are wrestling
with. So I will be looking at the best ways of meeting client needs,’ he said.
Hale will also be an audit partner.

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