Witnesses emerge in stabbing case

Fresh witnesses have emerged in the police hunt for the assailant of the
chief accountant at the Law Society of Scotland, who was the victim of a knife
attack last week thought to be connected to his work.

Police interviews identified several ‘significant’ witnesses, as detectives
look into whether the attack was the work of a hit man.

Leslie Cummings, who is recuperating at home following the assault, was
stabbed in the back, face and chest close to his home in the affluent
Murrayfield district of Edinburgh.

His description of the attack to the police, from which the knifeman walked
calmly away, raised the possibility of a hit man being involved.

Police are looking at whether the attack was linked to Cummings’ role as
secretary of the society’s Guarantee Fund, which investigates theft allegations
against lawyers. Clients have accused the body of failing to expose

‘One line of inquiry for the officers investigating the stabbing is to see if
there is any link between the incident and Mr Cummings’ role,’ said a Lothian
and Borders Police spokesman.

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