Izza interviewed for Anstee role as Scottish row brews

ICAEW chief operating officer Michael Izza last week interviewed for the
ICAEW chief executive’s job.

Accountancy Age understands that Izza has undergone a second
interview in his bid to take over from Eric Anstee, despite previous suggestions
from insiders that an external appointment would be sought.

There are understood to have been up to ten interviews in the first round of
selection, according to well-placed sources. But Izza is still the only internal
candidate known to have gone for the role.

The revelations come as council members highlighted the 4 October council
meeting for an update on the search for Anstee’s successor.

‘If Anstee’s appointment is not on the agenda then questions will be raised
at the meeting as to how it is going,’ said a senior council member.

A row is also brewing concerning the ICAEW’s moves in Scotland. The institute
is thought to be considering designating Scotland a region, without districts.

Such a move could threaten the England & Wales district structure,
sources suggested, as fears of centralisation of the institute grew.

Districts have their own budgets, giving them financial clout. Creating a
Scottish region without a district could lead to calls for a regionalising of
the whole structure, senior figures warned. An ICAEW spokesman said that nothing
had been decided on the form that a Scottish constituency would take, and that
whatever decision was reached, it should have no negative bearing on other
regions and districts.

‘Scotland is a separate country and has its own parliament – it’s a different
model,’ said the spokesman. ‘We must let work be done on how to best take it
forward and do what’s right for members in Scotland.’

The spokesman would not comment on speculation around the search for a
successor to Anstee.

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