Taking Stock: Accountants ask the worst interview questions

TS has a fear of beards and it doesn’t mind admitting it. Accountants, it seems, are more scared of interviews; so scared in fact that more than a quarter are put off leaving their current job because of it.

The recent poll by global job board found that nearly three quarters are admit they get a number of physical symptoms – fear, insomnia and loss of appetite – ahead of the interview.

Which is no surprise if they can expect to be hit with some questions, which, to describe them politely, are slightly ‘off-piste’.

These included ‘Did you dream last night?’, ‘How many oranges are eaten in the US each day?’ and ‘How would your mother describe you?’.

Here is a collection of the most unusual posers

Do you wear a vest in bed?
Do you play ping pong?
Did you dream last night?
What is your favourite flower and why?/Variation: what is your favourite animal and why?
Sing me a song.
What is your opinion of the execution of Saddam Hussein?
How many oranges are eaten in the US each day?
Can you hurry up? We want to go to the pub.
Tell me something no-one knows about you.
How would your mother describe you?
How many boyfriends have you had in your life?
Why have you not been married?
When are you going to have children?

TS humbly suggests that if you ask a stupid question…

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