Taking Stock: PwC outdoes ICAEW in the nibble stakes (steaks)

TAKING STOCK  really enjoyed getting out and about yesterday, in what were tropical conditions [in other words it was warm and then it rained a lot: Ed].

Our day out of the TS Towers included the ICAEW’s president’s lunch, celebrating Hilary Lindsay’s move into the office-holder’s position for the next year. We also headed out to PwC’s annual media bash at its Embankment office.

Hilary was on good form in her speech, pointing out that her guests met the requirement of the 30% club with nearly a third of attendees being female. She also lauded the new Premier League champions, stating that she no longer describes herself as “living in Northampton”, instead she’s “close to Leicester”.

The event went smoothly, however the food menu was slightly controversial.

The baked salmon was served up (TS went for the veggie option of ravioli), which was all very pleasant. However, as the guests awaited their main course with relish (fnar fnar), they were instead presented with dessert. Cue quizzical looks and flicking through the lunch programme.

Suffice to say the ‘starters’ were in fact the ‘mains’. A few snarky comments were passed, before the glorious Von Buhl Estate Riesling wine sated the audience.

PwC’s effort in the evening, while a less formal stand-up affair, proved more gluttonous for TS, troughing on spring rolls and mustard-encrusted sausages among other things.

Unfortunately, the ICAEW had left TS so ravenous that the PwC food was taken rather too quickly – and the molten centres of aforementioned nibbles have removed several layers of skin from TS’ mouth.

Someone who knows had to manage this eating thing properly is ICAEW council member Howard Gross. As you can see from the picture, the cake presented to SPA chief Peter Mitchell for his 20 years’ service at the practitioner body was quite something. We particularly like the Accountancy Age caricature used as a centrepiece. Bet they didn’t go hungry.


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