Top 50 +50: Gotta be in it to win it

TS WATCHED (with some glee) as The Age’s hacks went through the annual turmoil of pulling together the data for the Top 50 +50 survey of UK accounting firms.

It has been noted by TS that there are 11 new firms among the 100 lucky enough to squeeze into the main chart.

So why so many? Consolidation has certainly created space for some of the new entrants.

But there are a couple of firms, to whom TS will not give the oxygen of publicity, which deemed it unnecessary to take part this year.

It’s not for TS to suggest that perhaps those firms haven’t performed as well as they’d like and don’t want their revenues in plain view, but TS will anyway.

What is more of a shame is that the Top50 +50 is such a popular site for potential clients and young accountants to visit and check out the firms that those not partaking really will miss out. Or so TS has heard.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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