From sharks to Footballer’s Wives

Great_white TS has never been the biggest fan of an aquatic lifestyle. Ever since seeing Jaws at the cinema, we’ve been afraid even to put our hands in a bowl of washing-up (Mrs TS says it’s simply laziness but we know better). Then again, we also have an ardent fear of time travel, in case we bump into any Daleks.

But there are others out there much braver and foolhardy than TS. Take Jonathan Kemp, the FD of Shed Productions and star of tomorrow’s Accountancy Age profile, for instance.

The daring/idiotic soul has been shark diving in a cage off the coast of South Africa, spending some quality time with the Great White’s in the waters of the Cape.

Of course this may not have simply been a pleasure trip, given that Shed, the makers of saucy drama Footballer’s Wives and prison series Bad Girls, has just listed on AIM. Surely it gave him the necessary groundwork to deal with the more vicious investors and bankers out there.

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