Taking Stock: Life’s a puzzle for Ben Affleck in The Accountant

GET THE popcorn ready, as you’re about to watch Ben Affleck in full “Bill Dodwell mode” in the very first trailer for Hollywood blockbuster The Accountant.

After months of waiting, TS finally got to watch a teaser of the Affleck-starring action thriller, which shows how a man with a mix of ‘highly advanced cognitive skills’, combined with an ‘obsessive personality’ fight his way up from a scrawny, troubled child, into a sniper rifle wielding, stealth-like lone ranger who also knows a thing or two about tax deductibility.

Affleck, who because of this film placed in this year’s Financial Power List, is flanked by Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick and Academy Award winner JK Simmons.

Despite being alongside such talented actors, Affleck’s character seems to be in a constant mode of pensiveness – probably because one of his more troublesome clients just handed him a plastic bag full of receipts on 31 January.

The Accountant is hitting our screens on 7 October, so practitioners everywhere will undoubtedly be heading to their local cinema to follow the adventures of Christian Wollf, a weapons-grade assassin who un-cooks the books for a deadly cartel.

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