Money making with a difference

If TS was asked to come up with a list of its top 10 heroes (watch Channel 4 pinch the idea over the next few weeks along with the ‘world’s greatest accounting standards’) it would definitely choose Gary Lineker, Eric Morecambe and, of course, Sir David Tweedie.

But considering how much we love to see the daffs pop up in the springtime in the TS garden, the late and great former Blue Peter horticulturalist Percy Thrower would also be up there. Thanks to Thrower’s advice TS grew up being able to do two things in the garden: grow watercress and erm, grow watercress but who said gardening and accounting didn’t mix?

A firm of Deal accountants in Kent has dug up a novel way of advertising its services as well as sowing the green-fingered word.

Reeves and Neylan hand delivered cards to potential customers advertising its services and giving them free packets of seeds to grow the tenuously titled ‘Money Maker’ tomatoes and basil.

The cards, complete with growing instructions, were delivered to 400 homes in the Deal area last Saturday with the message: ‘Tomato and basil – a tasty combination. Why not sample another tasty combination – you and Reeves and Neylan.’

The only problem was that partner Michael Terry tried the seeds out last year but blamed ‘the weather’ because he ended up with green tomatoes that his wife used to make chutney. Perhaps a marketing strategy rethink is in order down in Deal?

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