Gaines-Cooper a hundred million pound man

Just how much is the Gaines-Cooper case worth?

The Special Commissioners’ decision was a preliminary judgment, with the full case set to follow in due course, when all the juicy details will come out.

For those who aren’t aware, Robert Gaines-Cooper is an international businessman who is fighting HM Revenue & Customs over domicile and residence issues. Gaines-Cooper has been an executive on a large Nasdaq-listed business for some time, and also has other business ventures, so anyone tempted to speculate would not imagine it was thruppence.

One tax adviser tells us that the QC representing Gaines-Cooper, Michael Flesch, is a £100m man i.e. you don’t hire him unless the case is worth £100m or more. As one of the senior barristers at Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers, Flesch is certainly no slouch.

TS can only await the next Special Commissioners’ decision with interest.

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