KPMG surely unhappy over former IRS chief’s blues

Spare a thought for Mark Everson, the beleaguered former
commissioner of the US Internal Revenue Service.

Yes, yes, TS knows it is tricky to have sympathy for the
taxman. The IRS is hardly anyone’s best friend.

But Mr Everson has lost his new job at the Red Cross. That’s
right, a bit of compassion is in order. What did he do?

Well, admittedly, it doesn’t look good. He had an affair,
the Red Cross said, with a subordinate. Easily done, I’m sure you will all
agree. Let’s not take pleasure in this turn of events, though well we might.

Not even those of you at KPMG, who Everson took particular
exception to over the tax shelter row. A solemn and respectful silence with
regards to his highly embarrassing problems would be most appropriate, TS

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