Pens envy

It’s that time of year again as the run up to Crimbo sees firms holding bashes at swanky venues. With this in mind, TS was schmoozing down at Somerset House with the insolvency bods of Bridge Business Recovery. Manfully dealing with the barrage of canapés and champagne laid on for the networking event at the taxman’s former HQ, TS was also tickled by the presents rolled out to celebrate partners Tony Murphy and Rob Horton’s appointment. Tony and Rob apparently got very nice pens when they upped sticks from Smith & Williamson and the Bridge’s top brass were not to be outdone. The audience guffawed with laughter when the two were given a packet of biros each to mark the occasion.

TS thought we had clearly underestimated the depth of the credit crunch on the basis of the evidence before us.

Not to worry though. As a consolation prize, the pair eventually got a Mont Blanc pen each. Nice.

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