The Top 40 Networks & Associations 2016: Grunberg & Co boss Robert Bean on joining Reanda International

Written by Robert Bean, managing partner, Grunberg & Co

TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Grunberg & Co voted in.

On 22 June 2016, prior to the Brexit vote, Grunberg & Co officially joined the Reanda International network. A momentous milestone for the company in an historic week.

Grunberg & Co has been in existence since 1990, and has grown organically to become a Top 50+50 firm. Since 2012, we were contacted by and looked to join various international organisations, none of which seemed, at the time, suitable for us.

Then at the end of 2014 we came across Reanda International. After doing our research and with the understanding that they didn’t yet have a UK presence, we contacted them.  Reanda International are a young and growing network that have taken have a different approach to the more traditional networks and this interested us. It was important to us that we should have UK exclusivity, as we didn’t want to be part of a group of UK firms vying for the same pieces of work and clients within the network.

During 2015, we were visited by senior members of the network, and in turn, we also visited various the offices in south east Asia for our due diligence exercise and this gave us more reason reason to want to join this young network.

The management team at Grunberg & Co bought into this idea very quickly. We saw Reanda International as an extension to our family and vice versa. We believe that as part of a family, we can not only share what we have, but also share business together and support each other and our clients, as well as creating cross referrals internationally, which is that’s so important in today’s business world.

We recognise that in terms of distance, we are a “world apart” but, by joining Reanda International, we will now be able to be truly connected to the other side of the globe.

With today’s internationally focused companies relying on the expertise of its accountants and advisers, becoming a member of the international network provides us with an opportunity to offer our expertise to firms in China, south east Asia and elsewhere globally, who are looking to expand into the UK, and likewise for us to assist our clients and other UK companies looking to expand internationally.

Grunberg & Co has always had an appetite for growth but it has been predominantly limited to the UK. The business world is small and this new venture will give us exclusive access to new contacts and clients that would not have previously been available, both in the UK and internationally. Our UK clients increasingly require international support and services for their overseas interests. Likewise, the UK is becoming an increasingly attractive territory in which overseas owners can operate their business activities. With the recent initiatives from the UK government to encourage UK trade with China, we think this relationship is significant for an accountancy firm of our size in the UK to expand our relationships, and those of our clients, with south east Asia and to significantly extend the provision of international connections and services.

Likewise, other members of the network will now have a recommended resource in the UK, which is renowned for being one of the business capitals of the world. The name Reanda is well known in China and this will lead to greater awareness of Grunberg & Co, especially within the Chinese community in the UK, the south east Asia and other countries internationally.  This can only increase as the network increases in size.

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