Management briefing: business turnaround

business turnaround

Summer 2007

If you look at the headline figures that are bandied about in the newspapers
and in television bulletins, you will be told that the UK economy is in rude
health and growing comfortably. But this does not tell the whole story.

It’s not only some of the UK’s companies that are enjoying a boom time, so
are many professionals that offer business turnaround and insolvency services.

Obviously, not everyone is doing brilliantly, and it is in the SME sector
where businesses are most at risk and failure rates are the highest.

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So how do you avoid the pitfalls that many companies succumb to and make the
most of a supposedly robust economy? This management briefing will provide you
with what you need to know to avoid a nightmare scenario. Many businesses fail
because they missed the warning signs that could have sparked action to prevent
disaster. We provide you with the tell-tale indicators that should set your
alarm bells ringing and let you know what to do next when a problem arises.

If things are a little further down the line then it may be time to call in
the experts. We explore what you can expect and what your options are if
administration or insolvency looms.

When the situation looks grim, it can feel easier to bury your head in the
sand and hope things pick up by themselves. But turnaround professionals are
constantly in a situation where they know they could have done so much more to
help a stricken business if their help had been sought just a few months

Spot the signs early and take action to stop them and ensure they don’t
happen again. This briefing will show you how.

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