The Practitioner: Summer blues (update)

IS IT REALLY worth having annual leave at all?

Despite telling the important clients that I wasn’t going to be in the office for two weeks and despite putting an extensive and helpful out of office reply on the emails, it didn’t stop people trying to contact me.

I secretly checked a few voicemails now and again to check that nothing major was going on and was not a little bit surprised to find that the reason for the voicemail was something as trivial as letting me know that they had received a p11d reminder letter from the office, and asking what they should do with it. I mischievously took comfort from the fact that, due to me being overseas, leaving the voicemail probably cost them a fortune.

The part I hate the most about going away is coming back to the office and finding a million emails in the inbox. Well, not quite a million – 578, to be precise.

A week later and I am still working my way through them. It is interesting to note that my actual post tray on my desk only had about 5 things in it. That’s technology for you, I guess.

I am lucky enough to have a good team in place to take care of the day-to-day issues that always seem to arise when I’m not in the office. For example:

1. The roof springs a leak
2. A client dies
3. A supplier starts court proceedings over a £50 overdue invoice

The first week back is mostly spent fending off staff, partners and clients who want a piece of me.

I’m sure that the senior partner tries his best to make it as painful as possible for me to make me think twice about going away on holiday ever again.

What he is forgetting is that his holiday is coming up soon and I have a very good memory.

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