Ride the rebranding express

Now MyTravel, many industry watchers have been largely unimpressed by the package holiday provider’s decision to rename itself.

It doesn’t help that MyTravel has seen its market value plunge in recent weeks – and many analysts now expect First Choice make a bid for the ailing giant. First Choice, you will remember was a former Airtours takeover target.

Now jumping on the rebranding express is Monday, the new name for PwC Consulting once it splits from its accounting parent later this year.

The launch made for confusing press cuttings on Monday which announced Monday’s launch. A tour of its new website ( is no more illuminating. The site is rich with flash graphics and buzzwords (think ‘fresh’, ‘proud’ and ‘enjoy the ride’) but there is a lot more to rebranding than that. The test will come with clients, many of whom – to be frank – are likely to appreciate the distance from the accountancy side of the business.

However, identifying a business by what it’s not won’t be enough. Monday needs its own foundations. But if anyone knows that it has to be a firm of consultants.

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