Hartnett says disclosure regime will smash 50% avoidance

Dave Hartnett has said the disclosure rules for avoidance schemes, will stop
errant advisers lining their pockets at the expense of the UK and dent efforts
to avoid the 50% top rate of tax.

The Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes legislation is designed to come down
hard on advisers if HMRC believes they have not been notified of a tax planning
measure, but some advisers have panned it for being too heavy-handed.

Hartnett defended DOTAS, saying it played a key part in the battle against
tax avoidance.

“The disclosure regime has played an incredibly important role in limiting
the ability of the tax avoidance industry to line its pockets at the expense of
the UK,” he said.

“The Chancellor has allowed us to build on the success of DOTAS by including
avoidance schemes targeted at people intent on getting round the 50% rate of
income tax.”

Increased penalties for those who fail to tell us of schemes they are
marketing will make DOTAS even more effective in helping to understand exactly
how the industry is evolving Hartnett added.

This would allow the government to frame more “abuse proof” legislation and
simultaneously giving early warning of schemes, Hartnett said.

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