Layhe attack aims ‘to scupper merger plans’

CIMA launched a stinging attack on ACCA’s proposal for a merger between the two institutes and CIPFA this week, which sources said was intended to torpedo the merger plan.

Senior figures said an article in this week’s Accountancy Age by CIMA president Peter Layhe was intended to ‘put a stop’ to ACCA hopes of pulling off a merger by going over the heads of the other institutes’ councils.

Layhe is said to have told colleagues that he hoped the article would convince ACCA that its quest was pointless.

CIPFA chief executive David Adams said the strength of Layhe’s reaction confirmed his worst fears. ‘What we feared would happen has happened – namely that, by adopting the approach it has, ACCA would provoke a reaction so hostile that it would be impossible to go on talking,’ he said.

ACCA chief executive Anthea Rose said Layhe’s comments were at odds with what members were saying: ‘The number of positive responses speak for themselves.’

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