High level of CR reporting in UK, KPMG finds

UK stands out for its high levels of non-financial reporting with 91% of
companies issuing corporate responsibility (CR) reports – ranking second only to
Japan out of the 100 biggest companies in 22 countries, according to the
International Survey on Corporate Responsibility report, said to be the most
comprehensive study of its kind to date.

Overall, 80% of the Global Fortune 250 now release CR data in stand-alone
reports or integrated into annual financial reports, up from 50% three years
ago. USA was third highest in releasing non-financial reports, recording a
significant increase – up from just 32% three years ago to more than 70%.

In the UK, a trend is emerging towards integration of reporting in a
company’s annual report and 6% of the top UK companies now have fully integrated
reports. Only 12% fail to refer to CR matters in their annual reports. More than
half of companies have both a CR report and a CR section in the annual report

‘While non-financial reporting in the UK is in good health compared to many
other countries, we would expect to see an increasing trend towards its
integration with mainstream company reporting,’ Richard Sharman, KPMG head of
sustainability services in the UK, said. ‘Non-financial matters cannot be
treated in isolation.’

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