PwC launches stakeholder dialogue website

PwC talking, the first dedicated site for a professional services firm, aims to examine and understand the relationship the firm has with its UK stakeholders. It centres on the firm’s work with clients, its own people and the community and actively encourages feedback from users.

UK senior partner Peter Smith said: ‘Pressure has been growing on businesses to demonstrate their command of a wider range of responsibilities than traditionally demanded. In effect to show, as the DTI put it in its consultative paper on Company Law reform, a licence to operate.’

Dialogue has been the focus of the site with many pages offering the chance for stakeholders to comment. The site features an introduction to PwC and explains its approach to stakeholder dialogue.

‘We may not be under pressure to answer to external shareholders, but we still have a complex and varied set of stakeholders with whom we should and must communicate,’ Smith added.

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