Sacked Triad Group accountant clears her name

The former chief executive of the
Triad Group, Mira
Makar, has been vindicated, almost a year after she was sacked for raising
concerns about the IT consultancy. She has won an undisclosed settlement for her

Makar, a ballerina turned accountant, was suspended by her former partner,
John Rigg, in February, when he interrupted a meeting she was having with the
firm’s brokers at which she was detailing her concerns. She was later officially
sacked in December, The Guardian reported.

Her lawyers were about to present her case before an employment tribunal when
Maker was offered a private settlement.

In a statement to the stock exchange, the company said: ‘The directors accept
that Ms Makar had a reasonable basis for concerns on a number of financial
issues… The directors also accept that Makar acted properly in drawing
attention to these matters.’

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