Online abuse marks Butt Ugly Martians fallout

A businessman, who tried to have Coopers & Lybrand wound up in the 1990s,
launched a stream of abuse against another party in one of the messiest
insolvency disputes of recent years, a court has heard.

Mark Hardy called Christopher Jones, another party involved in the fallout
from collapsed Just Group, a ‘slimeball’ and a ‘frigging liar’ on bulletin
boards covering the subject.

Hardy told Jones at one point: ‘I intend to nail your nuts to the mast,’ the
City of London magistrates court heard.

Just Group owned the rights to cartoon characters the Butt Ugly Martians, and
the fallout from the group’s insolvency has led to unpleasant spats.

Hardy holds a power of attorney over Think Entertainment, a company formed in
2004 as part of a restructuring of Just Group, while Jones was involved in a
rescue plan that attempted to revive the company in 2002.

Hardy was alleging in court that Jones had been paid unlawfully in his time
at the group, and wanted magistrates to issue a summons. Jones categorically
denies the allegations. The court eventually refused the request, saying it
would be vexatious, malicious and constitute harassment.

Stephen John, acting for Jones, told the court that Hardy’s attempt to obtain
the summons was part of a sustained campaign of harassment that, in one
instance, had led to Jones contacting the police.

Hardy called Jones a ‘lying scumbag’ on bulletin boards, John said. ‘What
language is [this] for someone holding a power of attorney?’ John said.

Hardy said: ‘The language gets colourful, that’s the nature of these bulletin

Hardy has already made accusations in court against KPMG administrators
involved with Just Group.

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