Solution 6 set to discuss improved Pegasus bid

It is understood the directors will then announce their decision on whether to counter a £55.5m bid for the software group from recently floated internet company

Pegasus directors apporved the Freecom bid earlier this week.

However two other companies believed to be set to bid Pegasus have definitely thrown in the towel. Sage has announced it will not be making a bid, while Electronic Data Processing which has been expected to make a formal bid has also dropped out.

Pegasus has recommended shareholders accept the 796p a share bid from, while city analysts have praised the company on the value of the potential deal.

A spokesman for Pegasus, said: ‘We are under offer and have recommended the deal as it is the right thing to do. However it will be business as usual for us no matter what happens.

‘Our resellers and brand are not being courted by the competition and we will join with a company that will add something to our brand,’ he added.

Meanwhile Pegasus has confirmed it will show its Microsoft Windows 2000-ready accounting solution at the launch of Windows 2000 at Earls Court which begins today.

The Capital Gold 32-bit accounting solution is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and has been designed to support e-commerce and internet-enabled business.

It has been tested for Windows NT to Windows 2000 upgrades as well as new Windows 2000 installations. The Capital Gold software has been designed to be easy to use and features an online interactive tutorial and help bubbles that ensure it is also easy to learn. close to victory in battle to buy Pegasus

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