IT execs fed up with travelling

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According to a survey by Barclaycard, 82% of IT workers – more than in any other sector – have considered reducing, or have reduced, the number of hours they spend away from home in order to improve their quality of life.

One in five has moved house to reduce time spent travelling to work. Three quarters admitted that time with their partner suffers as a result of business travel, while half said their social time with friends suffers as a result of business travel.

The average worker in the IT industry spends 2.8 days per week travelling on business – compared to the national average of 2.7 days – and spends five nights away per month, compared to an average 4.4 nights.

Three quarters of IT workers book their flights online, compared to the national average of 66 per cent.

Some 26% believe that broadband on trains and planes will have the biggest impact on business travel in 2004, whereas 32% believe wireless hotspots in coffee shops and airports will have the biggest impact.

Simon Chick, Barclaycard head of marketing, said despite the advent of digital technology and communication in recent years, travel is still proving to be a necessity for today’s business professionals.

‘Rather than cutting back on business travel, our annual survey reveals that business travellers are actually travelling more than ever before,’ he said.

‘However, they do seem to be changing the way they travel, using, for example, ticketless travel, low-cost airlines and regional airports to improve the ease and general experience of travelling on business.’

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