BP chief accountant slams ‘unhelpful’ IFRS

BP’s chief accountant has hit out at accounting standards setters in one of
the most scathing attacks by a senior figure to date.

The situation was so grave in Michael Starkie’s opinion that he called for
the International Accounting Standards Committee’s Foundation to overhaul the
board of the IASB in a letter to the

Starkie, chairman of the CBI’s Financial Reporting Panel said that no
improvements had been made to international financial reporting rules in the lat
few years as the current body of IFRS was ‘so unhelpful for markets.’

‘The International Accounting Standards Board continues to develop an
accounting model about which users of financial information have grave

Starkie put particular emphasis on the flaws of mark-to- model valuations
which he said were not ‘relevant for a market trying to assess the economic
performance and position of companies that have the intention of continuing to
operate as a going concern.’

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