Holidays off the business agenda

While August may be a popular month for taking a holiday, many finance directors have revealed that they will cut their’s short to mind the shop.

Almost one in ten responding to the Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Personnel Big Question survey said that they will not be taking a full summer holiday, but will stay at their posts in case of economic emergency.

One said he needed to ‘keep his finger on the pulse’ while another added: ‘I can’t afford to leave the business.’

Viewing their jobs as crucial, many FDs believed their input was indispensable. ‘Because of my role, it would be hard to take a holiday,’ said one FD.

In the Big Question survey, while a significant number wanted to stay behind, 82% said they would take their leave regardless. University of Edinburgh FD George Sutherland insisted he would take his leave come what may. He refused to consider cutting it short. ‘Definitely no! Times are difficult, I need my holidays: “a” – to recover, and “b” – to survive the next year!!’

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