Customs’ new duty probe.

Inland Revenue[QQ] The Inland Revenue has released a stream of draft tax regulations relating to stakeholder pensions. It is asking for comments by 28 July. The Revenue has also announced an integrated tax regime for defined contribution pensions, which will include stakeholder pensions. Extra statutory concession A59 has been revised. This relates to travel facilities provided for disabled workers. (Revenue press release, 27 June). The Revenue has also launched its filing by internet service for self-assessment. HM Customs & Excise Customs has launched a full independent investigation into the collection of excise duties by Customs & Excise. This is the result of perceived weaknesses in the control regime. The latest Customs’ Business Brief, 30 June 2000, covers the VAT treatment of supplies involving UK undisclosed agents and the new five per cent rate of VAT on sanitary products. English ICA Tax Faculty The Tax Faculty has issued technical publications on the Lord Chancellor’s Department’s consultation on the reform of tax appeal tribunals (TAXREP 21/00) and on the latest tranche of the Tax Law Rewrite Project. Chartered Institute of Taxation The institute has made a submission on tax appeals tribunals in response to the Lord Chancellor’s department consultation document.

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