Avis ditches Peoplesoft/Atos project

Link: Atos announces new consulting practice

A review by the car hire specialist of its back-office and IT restructuring projects has led the organisation to scrap its PeopleSoft ERP system due to ‘a number of fundamental problems with its design and implementation’.

‘A decision has therefore been taken to terminate the development of the new system as quickly as practicable to avoid further cost,’ according to a statement by Avis.

Avis added that ‘mitigating actions will be taken, which may lead to an exceptional credit in future accounting periods’.

PeopleSoft has confirmed that its global services division was ‘not the prime implementation partner’. Instead Atos Consulting was hired to ‘implement programme management and process design’, which also involved it subcontracting work to PeopleSoft.

An Atos spokeswoman said: ‘Avis has cancelled the ERP project.’

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