Gangster locked up on tax charges

A gangster head of a criminal family has been locked up on tax charges.

, 52, this week accepted a plea bargain in order to save his ill wife,
who will now be able to go free.

Reports said Adams pleaded guilty to one of nine charges of mortgage and tax
deceptions, with the remainder left on file.

He was remanded in custody by Judge Timothy Pontius at Blackfriars Crown
Court and will be sentenced next month, when he faces up to 14 years in prison.

The guilty plea came after a
legal battle
with police, in which bugs were planted in his home and Adams attempted to prove
the police were corrupt.

The downfall of the crime lord came as shock to many, who expected him to
fight to the end. His plea bargain came after months of negotiations with Crown
prosecutors during which time his wife was suffering from a perforated bowel.

The charges against 46-year-old Ruth Adams, whose illness last year led to
the trial process being delayed for 12 months, were also left on the file.

The trial was expected to take many months and extraordinary levels of
security were in place to protect jurors and the courtroom.

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