Romanian taxman on witch-hunt

Romanian tax officials are gathering details of local witches and sending
them to Bucharest where their incomes can be assessed by the country’s Inland
Revenue over fears their tax-free spells are costing the treasury millions of
pounds a year in lost revenue.

Spells, hexes and curses are still big business in the country for about
4,000 of its witches, which charge between £9 and £90 for a spell, some of which
are even used by businesses to boost their profits, according to reports.

The average monthly salary in Romania is £150.

Only one – Gabriela Ciucur, 31, from Targu Jiu in eastern Romania – is
officially registered to pay tax.

Ciucur, who sees up to seven clients a day and charges around £6 a session,
has started issuing receipts to her clients for work that includes star-gazing,
fortune-telling and talking to the dead.

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