Tories put tax at centre of campaign

Conservative leader William Hague said he would reduce fuel tax by six pence a litre as part of Pounds 8bn worth of tax cuts targeted at pensioners, savers and families.

‘Today, our spirit of enterprise is being extinguished by higher and higher taxes, regulations and conformity,’ said Hague at the manifesto launch.

Hague’s pledege on fuel was one of only two not previously announced, the other being to force local councils to hold referenda if they wish to raise council tax more than the rate of inflation.

The remainder of the 48-page manifesto had either been leaked or revealed before.

In brief: The Tories’ finance pledges

  • Cut fuel taxes by 6p a litre;
  • Local referenda before allowing above inflation increases in council tax;
  • Lower taxes for businesses, families, savers, pensioners and motorists;
  • Public spending will not outstrip economic growth;
  • An end to taxation by ‘stealth’
  • Cut red tape for business
  • Keep the pound


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The Tories’ manifesto

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