ABBA star wins case against Swedish taxman

A Swedish court’s decision to approve an appeal by Bjorn Ulvaeus, former ABBA
star, against the tax authorities’ decision to increase the amount of his income
it considered taxable, has netted him Skr85m (£6.8m) in tax-free income.

Ulvaeus’ legal adviser said the singer-song writer signed contracts to hand
over the rights to his song royalties to different companies, which he claimed
excluded them from his personal income, the

Swedish authorities had argued the deals were shams and that the star still
had access to the money and should include them as his income.

Since the 1980s, Ulvaeus has co-written several musicals including Mamma Mia!
which was made into a film this year – a deal which has yielded the musician
about SKr85m.

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