Ahern’s tax irregularities spark political row

Hostilities at the top of the Irish political leadership have flared up as
the row over Irish leader Bertie Ahern’s personal tax irregularities intensified
between the prime minister and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny, the leader of the

On a visit to South Africa, Ahern told reporters in Cape Town that Kenny had
knowingly told ‘a bare-faced lie’ on the issue of his personal taxes, The
Irish Times

Kenny said:‘This is much too serious a matter, when the Taoiseach of our
country is unable to produce a tax clearance certificate and be compliant with
the Revenue

The issue will be discussed at the Fine Gael frontbench meeting this morning.
Senior party sources said the meeting would again discuss the possibility of
making a formal complaint about the prime minister to the
Standards in Public Office
(Sipo) but views were mixed as to whether the front bench would
proceed with what some see as a high-risk initiative.

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