New money laundering rules could trap managers

Link: Judge throws out money laundering case

The interim managers will be bound to report suspicions under rules due in soon, but that could see them fired by their clients, according to interim management experts. But the managers will also risk prosecution if they fail to report their suspicions.

Tony Groom, head of the Turnaround Management Association, said the risk was par for the course for the professionals involved.

‘Professional company doctors are independent and should be able to identify inappropriate funds. It’s a matter of integrity and reputation.’

Meanwhile Alan Taylor, a chartered accountant at interim management company Ashton Penney, said the problem was most acute for company doctors. ‘Interim managers are particularly exposed,’ he said.

‘Turnaround managers are in a peculiar position. They have to report the suspicious transactions as soon as they become aware of them, but they would not become aware of them straight away,’ said Taylor.

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