Free fraud guide put out by E&Y

Link: Tougher penalties needed to fight VAT fraud

Called Fraud: Real solutions to a real risk Ernst & Young’s Global Investigations & Dispute Advisory group highlights the real risks together with practical solutions in the fight against fraud.

The guide includes the use of detailed examples, case studies and checklists, that illustrate the impact of fraud on an organisation and how such impact can be minimised.

It explains the most common types of fraud likely to hit businesses, from straight forward asset misappropriation, to false accounting and corruption and seeks to dispel the myths surrounding computer fraud.

John Smart, fraud investigation partner at E&Y, said: ‘Corporate fraud has been around for as long as commercial enterprise has been in existence, but as businesses have become larger and more international, the scope for fraud has also grown. Like any other operational or business risk, ultimate responsibility for minimising fraud risk rests with the board of directors. This has been reinforced by the increased attention to corporate governance arising from recent scandals.’

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