Audit – Guide shows pitfalls – News in brief.

New guidance for audit committees has been published by the Centre for Business Performance and the audit faculty of the ICAEW. The guide, with a foreword by Sir Adrian Cadbury, does not lay down any new requirements but sets outs the issues that should be considered by audit committees and identifies various pitfalls.

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– ICAS has appointed Robin Downie as its new auditor. Downie, currently the senior partner of Mazars Neville Russell in Glasgow, will take over from Ritchie Campbell, of T Hunter Thomson & Co, who has audited the institute for the maximum term of five years.

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– ACCA has called for a refocusing of the US-based Independence Standards Board’s auditor independence framework proposals. ACCA said the ISB’s draft statement of independence concepts was out of step with other parallel developments, such as initiatives from the US Securities and Exchange Commission and International Federation of Accountants.

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– Andersen has won the audit for the international business of SCH, headquartered in Birmingham. SCH, one of Europe’s largest privately owned IT companies, now operates in six continental countries following acquisitions from Buhrmann in the Netherlands. SGH advises on managing services, infrastructure and products for networked environments.

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– Fox Williams, a partnership law adviser, has launched a website to help accountancy and law firms decide whether to convert to a limited liability partnership. The site has an online questionnaire and an initial assessment of the suitability of a move to LLP status.

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