The Big Question

Most finance directors believe a recession would boost the status and value of accountants working in the business sector, reports Nick Huber.

This week?s Big Question, carried out by Accountancy Age and Reed Accountancy Personnel, found that 62% of FDs agree that a recession would make accountants in business more valued.

Mike Derry, FD of freight company Redhead International, said: ?Recession implies a reduction in activity which interferes with the normal flow of a business. Who else is better placed to initiate the survival of the company than the accountant??

Jeff Booth, of Added Dimension, said: ?When things get tough, it?s the accountants and finance department which make a contribution.? Peter Harris, FD of Evenlode Truck Centre, added: ?Their knowledge should assist in weathering the storm.?

Only 22% of FDs said a recession would not make accountants more valued in the business sector.

George Sutherland, Edinburgh university FD, said: ?A recession would make accountants even more valued, but this would not necessarily be recognised by managers distracted by other pressures.?

?Accountants might be blamed more in a recession,? said Andrew Person, FD of laser manufacturer Laser Lines.

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