Senior management ignorant on Mifid

Huge numbers of senior management and board members at financial services
companies are still ignorant about the most important legislation to affect the
sector in years.

A study by KPMG has found that of the 199 financial services companies looked
at, nearly half lacked awareness over the implications of the markets in
financial instruments directive, or Mifid as it is known. The directive comes
into effect towards the end of next year and will require the City to invest
substantially in internal control and accounting procedures.

Yet despite this, only 29% of companies have assigned a project manager to
oversee the implementation of Mifid, and only 17% have allocated a budget to
prepare for Mifid. Less than 50% of respondents said their organisation had even
reviewed the directive.

‘For organisations to gain the full benefits of Mifid it is imperative that
they treat it as a business issue: it is not just about internal compliance,’
said Jonathan Jesty, financial services partner at KPMG. ‘Unlike much regulation
that has gone before, it is likely to have a significant impact on the wider
financial services market place.’

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