Otty nominated as Land’s successor

Mark Otty has been nominated by Ernst & Young’s council as the successor
to Nick Land.

Otty is set to take over in July of next year if his nomination is unopposed,
although there has been some speculation that an alternative candidate might
stand against him.

If no candidate comes forward in the next seven days, the 41-year-old will
take the top job.

An audit trainee from South Africa by origin, he has more recently worked in
tax. But his biggest affiliation is with E&Y’s industrial and commercial
office (ICO), which he heads up.

There has been speculation that he could be challenged by another candidate
from within the firm’s financial services office, from which there were no
nominees for the top post.

Otty had been regarded as the front-runner for the post, having been up
against Jock Lennox, who also works in ICO.

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