Book Review: Gonzo Marketing: Winning through best practices by Christopher Locke

We are now entering … (cue lights, cue music) the Brand Dimension.” And so begins a tiresomely upbeat tract. Although Locke believes that the marketing industry must do a “180 degree turn” this, in practice, means that he wants marketeers to change their “we want your money” attitude to “we share your interests”. Since when has this attitude been a new one? This is a profoundly simply book and though some of the case studies are enlightening, most of the practices are commonplace.

This is a book for those who do not so much want new ideas, but to think about their existing ideas in a new way.

All too often Locke substitutes sizzle for substance. He describes his book as a “hip-hop cover of boring old best practices played backwards”.

Huh? In Locke’s attempt to fill Hunter S Thompson’s shoes, he has forsaken sense. Locke has been named one of “the 50 top business thinkers in the world”. However, all that surfaces in this book are rather strait-laced, tried and trusted principles dressed up in a shell suit and Reeboks. Yo! No.

Capstone Publishing £17.99

ISBN: 1 84112 166 5

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