Taking Stock: Bad Blood over VAT rules

TS has always been left a little baffled over what qualifies for VAT and what doesn’t.

There’s the whole infamous Jaffa Cakes/biscuit thing and far too many other confusing things to list here.

But one of the most inexplicable is the reduced 5% levy on sanitary products, which when framed against the fact there’s no VAT on crocodile meat, pitta bread and caravans under seven metres long begins to take on the appearance of a tax on women.

It’s a point comedian Cariad Lloyd makes brilliantly in her parody of Taylor Swift’s recent hit Bad Blood, which has gathered some 143,000 hits since its release earlier this month.

It isn’t known whether George Osborne or his colleagues have taken heed of Lloyd’s message, but TS would humbly suggest they watch it, not least because it’s quite catchy.

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