KPMG’s crowdsourcing tie-up twists TS into knots

TS REMEMBERS the slide rule and articled clerks. And cash accounting (err, the government wants that back: Ed).

Anyway, TS’ wistful reminiscing has come about after a press release flagged up KPMG’s tie-up with Chaordix.

An intrigued TS clicked the email to see details about a “strategic alliance to provide crowdsourced market intelligence”. At this point, TS was lost.

The following line – “Brought to market by KPMG, the service provides leading brands with digital market insights from a customisable forum for product innovation” – failed to help clear up what now appeared to be little more than a collection of random vowels and consonants – a bit like the Countdown Conundrum.

A quick chat with one of KPMG’s PR bods made things clearer. Crowdsourcing is basically using online forums and social networks to gather information from groups of people. KPMG will offer this service to clients through their risk consulting and management consulting divisions.

Phew. TS needs to lie down.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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