Love is in the air

Lots of luvvy-duvvyness around the profession’s matchmakers in recent weeks, we hear.

Apparently Tenon and Vantis won’t be the only consolidators in town.

Their models are likely to be different, and unlikely to be as ambitious as the first wave, which of course saw Numerica burn brightly before disappearing, and which has seen both Tenon and Vantis have their tough moments.

It’s analogous to the housing market really. Economic recovery is in place (double dip anyone??), financing is easier to come by than it has for a good while, and if you fancy moving on you need a spring clean.

Of course tidying up a house prior to putting it on the market is a bit different to selling your firm. But getting it in good shape now could see some positive equity come your way.

As Baker Tilly showed with its purchase of Robson Taylor today, good firms will always be targetted.

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