PBR – time for some wild speculation

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking it’s about the right time of year for some wild speculation about when the PBR will be.

So, in the hope of either getting this drastically wrong and looking silly, or telling you something you already know, I offer you these nuggets of probably useless information.

Stephen Timms, the new minister in charge of HM Revenue & Customs, told a conference on Monday that the PBR will just ‘a few weeks away,’ my colleague Judith Tydd tells me.

The Times says today that a November PBR is likely (which would be the first November PBR since 2002, a meaningless fact for those of you that like trivia).

And there was a rumour that one of the big firms had instructed key staff not to take a holiday in the week beginning November 10th.

Drawing all these facts together, I’m going for November 12th.

I’d tell you not to arrange any important meetings for that day, but let’s not get carried away, eh?

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