HMRC in search for digital specialists

HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS has launched a drive to recruit digital specialists, as it seeks to alter the way it delivers its services.

The roles will be based in its Digital Delivery Centre in Newcastle, the first of its kind in government.

Following a first round of recruitment in February, HMRC is now embarking on a second, with around 30 posts on offer.

Last month, the department began the process of mothballing all 281 of its enquiry centres after a successful trial of alternatives in Newcastle and the north east.

In its place, HM Revenue & Customs is to introduce a “flexible” telephone service, while visits can be made to “a range of convenient locations” including taxpayers’ homes and businesses.

The move is thought to affect 1,300 jobs, although many of those have been redeployed within the department. HMRC claims the move will save taxpayers £17m per year in travel costs, while it puts the saving from closing the centres at £27m.

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